Yanne  Sidibe

UX Designer & Aerospace Engineer



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Hi I'm Yanne, currently based in France . I'm passionate about building things in a team that get people talking about them, and still discovering new things. Over the last few years, I've developed experience in UX digital transformation through several projects in various companies, whether in Cote d'Ivoire, Canada or France, where I had to design interfaces while adopting user-centered design in order to give the best product experience to the users.



CPDLC Usability

CPDLC communication is based on the use of pre-established messages, which the interlocutor (pilot or controller) selects to initiate exchanges. Although recent avionics systems offer pilots an application for CPDLC communication, it is not very usable, especially for advanced functions. The aim of the project was therefore to consider solutions from a human factors point of view, offering users of this system less complexity in carrying out their actions. A user-centered design approach was applied, and the work carried out was based on consideration of the human factor and feedback from user experience. A series of workshops and stages followed, including business understanding and requirements gathering, scientific research, prototyping and development.
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Aerospace supervision UX

Responsible for the modernization of the supervision software (design of the supervision of the future) by reducing the number of screens from 30 to 2 and improving the navigation within the hierarchies. Engineering of the need within the DTI, the SNA of Blagnac, the CESNAC and the CRNA S/O. User-centered design: Contextual interviews, Brainstorming, Prototyping, Design Walkthrough. Presentation of the project during the SACSO seminar to the major actors of the aeronautical supervision.
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Ucolis UI Design

UCOLIS is a mobile application that allows you to move around safely using vehicles adapted to people. It also allows you to send packages to multiple places at the same time without necessarily placing several orders at once and includes a Customer/Courier mode as well as voice control.
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UBC Roadmap

An app created to showcase 3D models on the UBC Okanagan Campus by using Google ARCore Geospatial API where you can use your phone to locate yourself in the Metaverse.
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ENAC Unity

I built this mobile app for ENAC students who have some matters about personal, school, or professional life, and also availability to gain a reward.
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Envol Junior √Čtudes

ENVOL Junior √Čtudes is the number one Junior-Enterprise in aeronautics. I implemented this web app with HTML/CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL.
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