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Yanne  Sidibe

UI/UX Designer & Software Engineer



    • js
    • c++
Hi 👋, I'm Yanne currently based in France and I enjoy creating things that live on internet. I like AI, Web & Mobile technologies and I'm passionate about building things in a team that get people talking about them. I strongly believe in Web 3.0 and still discovering new things.



Ucolis UI Design

UCOLIS is a mobile application that allows you to move around safely using vehicles adapted to people. It also allows you to send packages to multiple places at the same time without necessarily placing several orders at once and includes a Customer/Courier mode as well as voice control.

UBC Roadmap

An app created to showcase 3D models on the UBC Okanagan Campus by using Google ARCore Geospatial API where you can use your phone to locate yourself in the Metaverse.

My personal SmartHome

A smart home that can be controlled from a tablet or desktop devices, and also redisegned for mobile. It is a part of my personal project, and I am still working on it.

My personal portfolio

I value keeping my site open source, but as you all know, plagiarism is bad. It's always disheartening whenever I find that someone has copied my website without giving me credit.

ENAC Unity

I built this mobile app for ENAC students who have some matters about personal, school, or professional life, and also availability to gain a reward.

Aircraft conflict resolving

Air traffic generates very complex optimization problems for air traffic control, hence this application implemented with Ocaml and Genetic Algorithm.

Babi Quiz Game

There’s some better crossplatform game engine which exists like Unity, and I wanted to show that we can built some beautiful game also with React Native.

Envol Junior Études

ENVOL Junior Études is the number one Junior-Enterprise in aeronautics. I implemented this web app with HTML/CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL.

Booking App (Airbnb Like)

A simple booking mobile app implemented with Flutter, Firebase and AWS.

Taxi Delivery App (Uber Like)

The principe of this app is pretty similar than Uber the Driver app, but I also integrate some functionalities like voice command and google map customization.

Food Delivery App

This app is a simply delivery app that I developed for my last university canteen, this app is still used.

Hotel Booking Management App

A simple hotel booking management web application implemented using HTML/CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL.

Store Management App

A simple store management desktop application made using Java and PostgreSQL.

Library Management App

A simple library management desktop application made using Windev (WLanguage) and MySQL.

Arm Robot Simulator

A simple Arm robot simulator application made using Python and MS Acces.

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